About US

About US

Hello and welcome everyone on the Me and my team decided to create this site because we wanted to share with you pictures, videos and funny things we found on the Internet. Even though there are numerous sites where we you can find similar movies and hilarious extras but listen to our story and you will know why you are going to have fun only here!

Me and few other programmers were studying together. We enjoyed a lot of humorous websites such as but we couldn't find everything there is available. So, along with few programmers we wanted to give everyone brand new page where you will be able to find all kinds of funny pictures, videos, sounds and more! We will provide the newest and the funniest content available in the Internet. We added few administrators and they will keep our database fresh and up to date.

Having a good mood is very important all the time. It can help you on various ways and it's worth to mention people who laugh live longer :) If you are looking for a website where you can cheer yourself up and find some brand new stuff- is for you! We make sure that every thing uploaded here is checked and that you will enjoy yourself as much as we did when we were adding all of it.

Also, you have to remember, that this page cannot maintain without your share. Remember, that this is created by users for users and only if you participate in this process, you will be able to browse the most enjoyable pics and stuff on the Internet for free. If you have any questions related to or you want to become administrator, let us know via email: EMAIL or leave your post in the comments. We will take your person under consideration.

Thank you everyone for being here with us and we hope you will enjoy staying here!

Published 2015-03-26 20:08:35 by Admin


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